Better Justification

On this site you will find further information on the topic of justification – corresponding to my talk at rC3 in December 2020. Read the article series on justification and check out the live demo. You might also try our free coding font …

Live Demo

check out my live demo

Further reading

Bram Stein: Linebreaking and justification with variable fonts / Robothon2018
Javascript-Implementation of the Knuth and Plass line breaking algorithm by Bram Stein
fit-to-width.js by Laurence PennyCodepen
Newbreak by Simon CozensDemo
Simon Cozens on making JSTF better

Got more? Please contact me → via mail or Twitter @helloammon .

Want to try a new coding font?

We created a beautiful monospace font with optimizied letter spacing via OpenType features. → read the article or download the regular weight for free via → fontspring.

→ get Monoflow font

Check out our other typefaces

Besides our articles on type and typography, we create high quality fonts that stand out from the bewildering joungle of fonts out there. Learn more about what makes them special.

Please note: all our fonts are sold exclusively through → fontspring, as this is the only font marketplace we are aware of which respects your privacy and offers trust-based, tracking-free font licensing.

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