Legit Superfamily

Legit Superfamily is a massive collection of 102 unique text fonts that share the same metrics through all weights. Legit features both optimal readability in small sizes as well as elegant aesthetics in display use. The sophisticated uniwidth system is the result of 30+ years of experience by Prof. Hans R. Heitmann. All 102 styles are 100% compatible in width and remain swappable without altering the layout.

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Our Finaltype spacing provides optimal type color and readability, even in all-caps typesetting. The typeface comes with a set of ligatures and stylistic alternates as well as strong and clear accents to support more than 36 languages.

Four Unique Typefaces – But Compatible

The four different main styles of our Legit superfamily remain unique in character and work perfectly for themselves. But at the same time they all share the same metrics (uniwidth system) and are 100% compatible in width. Learn more about the individual character of these typefaces:

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